10 most spicy food in the World

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Anything spicy food hell on earth they think this? Let us see one by one
1. Tom Yum – Thailand.

Spicy sour soup from Thailand is indeed very tempting, enticing aroma and the stinging hot promising. Variation of Tom Yum is a lot of, among others, is the Tom Yum Gai (chicken) or Tom Yum Pla (Seafood), spicy taste that is derived from Thai chili called Bird's Eye Chilis, lime juice and lime leaves. This combination, was enough to burn our mouths.
2. Shrimp Creole – American

This cuisine originated from the southern United States, and is a comfort food for those who loved the burned mouth. Spices and food ingredients are simple, like chilies, tomatoes, shrimp and chicken, and spicy foods taste is obtained from the fresh chilli and cayenne pepper.
3. Papa a la Huancaina – Peru

Snack foods like potato salad, which contains the cold boiled potatoes, and served with sauce Huancaina. Complete presentation of the food has always involves lettuce, black olives, corn kernels, and chopped boiled eggs. Huancaina sauce is what makes the extra spicy, because the addition is made of cheese, condensed milk, salt, one of the material is called the Amarillo chili chili, a fairly hot!
4. Radish with Sichuan pepper - China

In general, fresh salad served with a slightly sour taste, but this salad is very different. Radish with Sichuan pepper (whole) and red pepper slices. So in this food you will find a sweet, spicy, and crunchy. Indeed the food with brilliant .. and burn .. Chili is used? Bird's Eye Chilis. If the chili is still lacking, remember, there's a whole Sichuan pepper. I think, illustrated with attractive, spicy acids, or can say: like chewing on mine!
5. Bibimbap with Kimchi - Korea

Kimchi is pickled cabbage, flavored with garlic, onion, chilies, and ginger! Spicy? Certainly, the heat too! Sauerkraut fermentation period was a few months, so you can imagine, taste spicy garlic and chili and ginger which is certain to sting!
Bibimbap is a typical classical Korean food, which consists of rice, stir fry vegetables, meat, fried eggs and chili Enjoy!
6. Chicken wings Suicide - United States

Somehow the American people really like the fried chicken wings dry and creamy, then given a hot-spicy flavor that they 'can burn the stomach', which must still do not feel anything in our tongue. Seasoning is always a mixture of Tabasco sauce, dried chili pieces, and chopped fresh chilli (which, unfortunately - or fortunately - all the chili seeds are removed first)
7. Jerk Chicken – Caribbean

Not only malignant, but the food was also delicious and very pleasant. Various spices are typical of the region is the spice of Asia and Africa, the warm and smelled delicious. Allspice, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme and garlic, all donated warm feeling, reinforced by Scotch Bonnet peppers are said to be able to make people confused after swallowing, so spicy.
8. Wot – Ethiopia

Perhaps the people who do not think that Africa is able to contribute to spicy food, make no mistake, Ethiopia is famous for WOT (stir). Wot the most delicious one kilo often marinated red onions and garlic, a few ounces of ginger, and barbere (mixture of dried spices and dried chilli) hot incredible amount of no less terrible.

Great food challenge is made from chicken broth, spices such as given above, and boiled for several hours, until all the flavors have blended, and heat from the chilies and spices are also not left at all. Once cooked, the food is served on a plate injera (a kind of bread) and boiled eggs bonus intact!

9. Vindaloo – India

This is a very spicy dish, imagine, spices such as mustard seeds, dried chillies, coriander, ginger, fennel, it was always there.

Well .. Vindaloo is spicy, because the meat used in this dish marinated in vinegar, chili added earlier, that everything will work together to make meat that is increasingly sharp and biting!

10. Sambal Ulek – Indonesia

This is food terpedas No. 1 in the world. It's not a whole foods, more to the 'Condiment' or dishes, but all forms of chili can be used, and includes the local chili which was 10 times more spicy than Thai Bird's Eye Chili.
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Endy Daniel said...

Haha... number one is from my country :D

Ravi said...

Vindaloo is not spicy at all there are other dishes in India which are very spicy. It looks like you have no idea about the spicy food :-0.

ziggypiggy73 said...

Really? Clearly you have no idea what spicy is. Tom Yum (chicken shrimp or beef) is somewhat spicy but top 10 in the world? Tom Yum isn't even considered that spicy in Thailand. The scoville index doesn't even rank the thai peppers (bird's eye) in the top 3. Here's a hint; people DO cook with not only habanero but red savina and even jolokia peppers and they ARE the hottest in the world, so what does that say? It says you have no clue what you're talking about. By far the most disgraceful entry was bibimbap. That dish is veggies, some meat and some mild chili paste. Almost nothing spicy about it especially when mixed. This list is Horrible.

sasanka avadhanula said...

HaHaHaHa, I am laughing my ass off! If you think these are spicy, you should really try Indian local dishes. Normal Indian cuisine known to the world is generally north Indian. Just try south Indian Cuisine. Mainly the pickles which are made in the state of Andhra pradesh, India. Then you will know how wrong you are.

Sphinx said...

Tom Yum Soup is my favorite.

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